50ml Soothing Herbal Massage Serum

50ml Soothing Herbal Massage Serum

$ 89.00

We are proud to introduce our latest product, our premium handcrafted Soothing Herbal Massage Serum (Roll-On) infused with pure organic, Non-GMO, clean and 3rd-Party tested Hemp Oil & our Organic Damascus Rose Essential Oil and other natural ingredients created for daily use as your own personal “spa-in-a-bottle”. We create products with special considerations for Cancer Warriors, Divas and Champions in mind so we can all live & relax better.

Plant-based / Food-Grade Ingredients. All the time.

Our INTEGRATIVE PERSONAL CARE SOLUTIONS FOR TODAY’S FAMILY never contain harmful synthetics or known cancer-causing agents.

"At Insight Wellness Center, Soothing Herbal Massage Serum has been flying off our shelves & no prescription needed!"

Katerina Rozakis ~ Ph.D, CBD Therapist Cancer Warrior and CEO

Our mission is to empower humanity to live beautiful clean healthy lives.

Carmen Milagro

(Certified CBD Educator & Founder)